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Modern Apprenticeship

Modern Apprenticeship (MAP) is a two- to three-year program designed to prepare Central Indiana high school students for the workforce with paid, hands-on experience that complements their traditional coursework. Apprentices start in their junior year and pursue jobs in growing fields such as business, advanced manufacturing, and information technology (IT). Afterward, they can continue on to a college degree or jump right into the workforce.

Through Modern Apprenticeship high school students will…

Earn college credit
Gain paid work experience
Build a professional network

Find out why Modern Apprenticeship is right for you.

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After I complete Modern Apprenticeship, do I have to stick with that industry?

Completing a college degree after Modern Apprenticeship is a great option.

Learn how Modern Apprenticeship can save you time and money.

Modern Apprenticeship offers you the unique opportunity to get paid to learn. Apprentices can enter college with an average of 10-15 credit hours, reducing the amount of money you would need to borrow.

In addition to earning money and college credits through Modern Apprenticeship, you also have the opportunity to start building your network with well-known Central Indiana professionals.

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I’ve gained valuable experience and developed relationships that will help me to pursue my own dreams of attending college and building a career in business.

Nataneal, 2nd year apprentice

Nataneal is an apprentice in a similar program, CareerWise Colorado, and works for Vectra Bank in Denver, CO.

Many students just like you choose to jump right in the workforce after high school.

See how Modern Apprenticeship can help you get a jump-start on your career.

If you enroll and complete your apprenticeship, you will gain two to three years of valuable workplace experience that will help you advance in your new career.

Apprentices who choose to go straight into the workforce are equipped with the skills and professional network needed to progress quickly in their roles.

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I successfully completed my apprenticeship, was hired full-time by my employer and am pursuing a college degree while working.

Kevin, Graduated & hired full time

Kevin completed his apprenticeship in a similar program, CareerWise Colorado, and was hired full time at Intertech Plastics in Denver, CO.

Not sure what's next?
Modern Apprenticeship gives you MORE options.

Apprentices have more options to choose from, including starting a career right away or continuing on to a college degree.

As an apprentice, you gain practical work experience that will benefit you no matter what path you decide to pursue.

Ultimately, the experience gives you relevant skills and experience, multiplying your options along your journey
to success.

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At the end of my sophomore year, someone asked me if I would like to gain experience and get paid. Learning more about the opportunity, it became very clear that real-world experience would be much more enjoyable than sitting at a desk all day.

Allison, 2nd year apprentice

Allison is an apprentice in a similar program, CareerWise Elkhart County, and works for Horizon Education Alliance in Elkhart, IN.

Completing Modern Apprenticeship benefits students.

Modern Apprenticeship allows students to get a jump-start on their future.

Apprentices multiply their options for what comes next, all while getting paid and earning college credit in high school. This experience provides students the dual benefits of solid income along with relevant work and learning experience.

1. Access to a professional network

Apprentices in Central Indiana can choose from
high-demand industries and get a foot in the door at major employers, including the ones listed here.

2. College credits and recognized credentials

On average, students can earn 10–15 college credits and a nationally-recognized credential through Modern Apprenticeship.

3. Competitive pay

Apprentices can earn $13 per hour on average.
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Hiring an apprentice benefits Central Indiana employers.

1. Build a diverse workplace

By providing employment opportunities to high school students from diverse backgrounds, employers will be able to prepare the talent they need to succeed in the 21st century economy.

2. Establish a talent pipeline

As Central Indiana employers grapple with the impacts of the recovering economy, Modern Apprenticeship offers them a way to secure talent amidst staffing uncertainties while building a long-term workforce pipeline.

3. Meet current and future staffing needs

Apprentices offer employers an intermediate step to meet staffing needs now, rather than committing to additional full-time employees.

4. Join a network of influencers

Modern Apprenticeship connects employers to a diverse network of partners that are aligned in their goals to prepare talent for the future and create economic opportunities.
Central Indiana employers have a new way to build next-generation talent pipelines.

Through Modern Apprenticeship, employers identify, evaluate, and secure capable candidates who can go from entry-level jobs to highly skilled positions.

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OneAmerica is eager to be a Modern Apprenticeship employer partner. Through our Pathways Program, we’ve seen firsthand how workforce development innovation can make a positive impact for students and employers. Modern Apprenticeship extends this work, and we are delighted to create a pipeline of talent by introducing even more students to careers in financial services.

Scott Davison, President and CEO

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