A Modern Approach to Building a Talent Pipeline

The Modern Apprenticeship Program (MAP) provides a path for companies of all sizes across in-demand industries to achieve their unique employment goals.

Make the MAP Program Work for Your Business.

With in-person, remote, or hybrid work models, MAP apprentices are dynamic assets to teams, working ~20 hours a week.

Small-to-Mid-Sized Employers

MAP provides a path for employers to discover and hire the right talent and ultimately achieve their workforce goals. Through MAP, employers can fill staffing needs by recruiting and preparing the talent needed to succeed in the 21st Century economy.


of small businesses can’t fill open jobs1


of apprentices retained employment with their company after program completion2

Employer Benefits

Large Employers

MAP puts employers in the driver’s seat of co-developing the next generation of talent and the future of our community’s workforce. Through MAP, employers have an effective way to amplify and modernize their recruitment strategy and talent pipelines. 


of Indiana employers cannot find enough qualified candidates to fill open positions3


Earned for every dollar invested in apprenticeship4

Employer Benefits

MAP Employer Partners

Don’t just take it from us! Here’s a look at how MAP has benefitted our current employer partners.


In the Modern Apprenticeship program, businesses appoint a program lead as the point of contact during onboarding. A hiring manager guides the selection process, and during the apprenticeship, a primary supervisor and coach offer workplace mentoring. Supervisors undergo training by EmployIndy and engage in regular check-ins with the Youth Apprenticeship Manager throughout the program.

EmployIndy offers ongoing support during the employer partner onboarding process, alleviating much of the heavy lifting for companies. This assistance ensures a smoother integration of apprentices into your organization, allowing you to focus on providing meaningful work experience and mentorship to the apprentices.
The weekly time commitment for supervising an apprentice can vary but typically involves regular check-ins, guidance, and mentorship. The specific time commitment may depend on the apprentice’s level of experience, the complexity of tasks, and the ongoing training needs.

The Modern Apprenticeship program collaborates with various school districts in Central Indiana, including Indianapolis Public Schools, Pike Township, Washington Township, Wayne Township, Victory College Prep, Purdue Polytechnic High Schools, and Geo Next Generation High School. The partnership ensures relevant academic pathways to complement apprentices’ on-the-job experiences.

The training plan for apprentices focuses on developing foundational soft skills, cross-sector skills applicable across the industry, and occupation-specific skills essential for success in their specific job. Apprentices will be enrolled in related high school and college courses, pursuing industry-recognized credentials determined by the employer. This combination aims to equip apprentices with a diverse skill set, making them valuable and flexible employees for businesses.

Apprentices are hired as employees of the company and are compensated for their time. It is common for them to be covered under the company’s existing insurance policy and Indiana labor laws, as many employers consider this the standard practice.

The Modern Apprenticeship program work hours are designed to gradually increase apprentices’ on-site commitment. In the 11th grade, they work approximately 10 to 16 hours per week, increasing to 20 to 24 hours per week in the 12th grade, and reaching 28+ hours per week in the third year, extending beyond graduation. The specific hours may vary based on employer preference and needs.

EmployIndy offers comprehensive support throughout the apprenticeship:

  • Onboarding Support: Assisting in designing the experience, building a plan, and registering the role with the US Department of Labor.
  • Recruitment: Establishing relationships and managing recruitment efforts with local high schools, including organizing events and guiding the selection process.
  • Business and Apprentice Training: Conducting training sessions, led by EmployIndy’s training specialist, to prepare both supervisors and apprentices before the program starts.
  • Ongoing Support: Youth Apprenticeship Managers provide continuous support throughout the program.

As employees of the organization, apprentices have their wages covered by employers. Employers are responsible for providing incremental wage increases in alignment with the apprentices’ proficiency growth and value to the business. Employers participating in the Modern Apprenticeship program will pay EmployIndy a yearly support fee, as well as covering the cost associated with the apprentice’s aligned credentials, certifications, and post-secondary education.

For small businesses, the Modern Apprenticeship program is designed to be adaptable. It involves a collaborative approach with EmployIndy, which provides support and assistance in various aspects, including onboarding, recruitment, training, and ongoing support. The program is structured to align with the needs and capabilities of small businesses, offering a valuable opportunity to engage in workforce development while supporting apprentices in their professional growth.

Your apprentice can contribute significantly to your company by participating in tasks aligned with their apprenticeship training. EmployIndy provides onboarding, recruitment, and ongoing support, helping you integrate apprentices seamlessly into your team.


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